About CCPA

About CCPA

What is CCPA?

The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association is a national bilingual association of professionally trained counsellors engaged in the helping professions. CCPA's approximately 4300 members work in many diverse fields of education, employment and career development, social work, business, industry, mental health, public service agencies, government and private practice.

Since 1965, the Association has been providing leadership and promotion to the counselling profession. CCPA has several Chapters, which represent specialized interest groups in counselling. CCPA develops and cultivates formal and informal relationships with similar health and mental health organizations in Canada and internationally.

The Association also offers the opportunity for its members to network with other counsellors from across the globe, in order to exchange ideas and best practices, provide mutual support and promote professional development. 

The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association is continually upgrading its services for its counsellor members, through exclusive educational programs, certification, and professional development and networking opportunities. The CCPA welcomes all qualified counsellors and psychotherapists in the profession to join our growing membership as we uphold our mandate to remain the leading association for counselling and psychotherapy in Canada.