Everything Worried Me

AnxietyEverything Worried Me

Amalie, 39

Talking to somebody who didn't judge her, helped Amalie feel relaxed.  Now she's taken control of her life and is feeling much better.

“Before I started counselling, I was nervous all the time.  I was constantly checking that the stove was off and that the doors were locked. That in itself was just exhausting. It was my daughter that persuaded me to get a counsellor.  She'd seen one at school and highly recommended it. Just the thought of going to a counsellor was nerve-racking for me but I just couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to somebody else. It was great to be able to offload on somebody else and for them not to judge me. It was just fantastic. I only actually went four times but it was the best thing I’ve ever done.  It made me take total control of my life and made me realize that I do have choices, and I can make them myself.”