I Felt Empty And Depressed

DepressionI Felt Empty And Depressed

Aja, 52

As he got to know his counsellor, Aja started to feel at ease and felt he could trust her.  This helped him feel comfortable talking about things.

“It was difficult for me to go to counselling because although I wanted to get better, I didn’t have much hope that anything could change.  I’m a man and I thought men are supposed to be able to cope with things, right? I just didn’t see how talking about stuff would help me.  And I thought that the counsellor might think that I was weak and judge me, I guess. I knew I was depressed; I`d read up on it.  I felt awful. I didn’t want to get up out of bed in the morning and go to work. I felt empty. Nothing in my life was positive. There was just nothing there. My doctor had considered putting me on meds – antidepressants .  Well I hate taking pills anyway, so I knew for me I had to give something else a try, first.  When I went to counselling it was strange at first, talking to a stranger,  but I quickly felt at ease with her. After a while, I began to trust her because she didn’t judge me and together we began to understand what was the root of my problems.  So I started to make a few changes and bit by bit I began to feel better. I would definitely recommend counselling to anyone who is feeling the way that I was. It surprised me – in a good way!”