I Missed Her When She Was Gone

BereavementI missed her

Elayne 65

A year after her mother's death, Elayne visited a counsellor to talk about things that had been troubling her for years.

“What I learned in counselling is very simple. It`s good to talk.  Although my mom died more than a year ago, I was still feeling, I don’t know, lost, I guess. We hadn’t had the best of relationships, but I missed her now that she was gone. I didn’t seem to be coping really well and I couldn’t understand why.  When I was at the post office, I picked up a brochure on counselling and psychotherapy and kept it in my bag for ages. I showed the brochure to my friend and she encouraged me to go. We`d both seen someone on one of the soap operas go to counselling and I had read about it in magazines.  Although I wasn’t sure that it would help, because nothing could bring my mom back, I decided to give it a try. I could say things about my mom in counselling and go over stuff that had troubled me for years.  I know I can’t turn the clock back but I can let some things go now.  It’s almost as if by saying some things out loud, they became simpler and not so important anymore. I didn’t feel so “stuck”. If anyone is feeling like I used to feel, they should definitely try counseling . It really helped me.”