Do I have to pay?

Regardless of where you go for therapy, your therapist should explain details related to costs and payment plans prior to beginning your first session. Some therapists have a sliding payment scale based on your ability to pay. Others have a single fee schedule. Still others have a fee schedule that is based on the type of therapeutic service you are seeking.

Generally speaking, the following is true:

If you access therapy through a referral from your family doctor or general practitioner your government medical plan may pay the costs.

If you access therapy through the workplace you may have a benefit plan that covers therapy.,

If you access therapy at a school, institution, or a voluntary / charitable organization, this will often be free of charge. Private therapists will usually charge for their services. These services may be covered under your health benefits plan from your employer.

 You should always check payment facts before starting therapy.


How much does it cost?

Where payment is required, prices can range between $60 and $150 per 50-minute session, depending on where you live and the type of therapy being sought. Some therapists adjust their fees according to your income. Some charitable organizations offer therapy for free or for a small donation which is suitable to your income.